Kinksters Party Etiquette

Each play party may have its own set of rules which may over-ride some of the basics we have set out below. Please feel free to ask the host of any play event you attend if you have any questions left unanswered by the information on this page.

The Basic Rules.

  • ....In ALL events and parties: No always mean NO. That is always NO, no if's, no but's, no debate, No Means NO!....
  • Even when you have a safe word, No always over-rides and trumps any other agreement. No absolutely means NO!
  • You should always agree a safe word before you start your scene. Attendance at most parties implies that you accept that use of the safe word means that any scene you are involved in will be terminated instantly.
  • Why when you agree a safe word should No still over-ride it? People forget, drugs, alcohol, excitement, pain, fear or plain old forgetfulness means that a safe word can be forgotten. No must always be accepted as NO.
  • Many BDSM purists disagree with me on this, but I witnessed a woman suffer scarring to her buttocks and extreme distress because she had forgotten her safe word and the Mistresses refused to stop unless she used the correct word! These Mistresses were barred from all my future events.
  • Never touch other guests whips, paddles, cuffs or other toys without their permission.
  • If you are watching a scene, please refrain from talking or laughing if watching someone else's play. It is considered very rude to interrupt someone else's play time. If you find the scene disturbing or distasteful please walk away without comment. Everyone has the right to enact their own fantasies. Remember other people may find your actions as disturbing as you find theirs. The rule is BE TOLERANT.
  • Do not attempt to join the action without being invited. Many players are happy for you to watch, but it is very bad manners to attempt to join in the action without a specific invitation.
  • Do not touch any of the players without being invited.
  • Always leave players enough room to enjoy their scene.
  • Submissives and Slaves brought to the party are not public property. Never assume that you can take control of any sub or slave at a party. You should only act out scenes with people you have attended with, or who have been offered to you by a Master or Mistress or where a sub or slave have offered themselves to you.
  • Some players do not liked to be watched. We ask those who prefer a private scene to use one of the private rooms. If you are asked to leave a private room please do so without having to be asked again.
  • Never stand and masturbate. The scenes are not being performed for your titillation, many players do not like to involve or witness openly sexual activity.
  • Show all other guests respect and try to be tolerant of everything you see.
  • No money should be exchanged for services at a party. Please keep monetary transactions for activities on other premises.
  • We have a zero tolerance drug policy. Anyone seen using, exchanging or selling drugs at a party will be reported to the authorities.
  • We have an open bar, but please remember that alcohol reduces your capacity to think clearly and can lead you to perform acts which you may not normally get involved in, or which you may regret when sober.
  • Please use the bins provided to dispose of tissues, wipes, condoms etc.
  • If you are likely to touch other peoples body fluids such as blood, or semen you should bring your own latex gloves and condoms.
  • When you have finished using a play area, please make sure that you or your slave clean the area for the next players.
  • When you have finished a scene please leave the play area so that other players may enjoy the facilities.
  • Please do not use play stations as areas to sit and relax. Retire to the lounge so that the maximum use can be made of the play areas.
  • Please stub out cigarettes in the ash trays, not on the floor, not in the nut bowls.
  • If anything is broken please alert the staff straight away so that we can clean the area before someone injures themselves.
  • Closed doors mean DO NOT ENTER. Only enter a closed room if you have been invited to do so.
  • Do not follow other players around. If you want to play with someone talk to them. If the person is a sub or slave attending with their Master or Mistress make sure you have their permission to talk to them.