What is a Play Session or an Act?

A Play Session is one of the ways in which BDSM practitioners refer to their encounters, when the encounter takes place in a BDSM party or club it is often referred to as an Act and the people involved are Actors.

Because so many different tools, toys, and roles are involved, it often feels like you’re playing. Not to mention, a lot of BDSM sessions involve different types of scenarios. Would you like to play in the dungeon today? Or should I ravish you on a gravestone? Should I take you to a club and let another Master or Mistress control you for a few hours?

Not all BDSM scenarios have sexual activity involved. Although there is often a sexual element, some people enjoy the power exchange or pain exchange elements more than any sexual element.

For some it is all about the sex. The submissive often being offered to other people for sexual satisfaction, but being returned to their Master/Mistress for return to control